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Ms. Satter's Publications include:


Papers and Conference Publications:

Stansberry, John A.; Hansen, C.; Hammel, H.; Spilker, L.; Spilker, T.; Aljabri, A.; Banfield, D.; Brown, M.; Colwell, J.; Dougherty, M.; Hendrix, A.; Khurana, K.; McEwen, A.; McNutt, R.; Paige, D.; Satter, C.; Showalter, M.; Strange, N., “Argo - A Voyage Through the Outer Solar System: An Innovative New Frontiers Concept”, Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, Vol. 40, p.451, September 2008.

Paul F. Goldsmith, Matt Bradford, Mark Dragovan, Chris Paine, Celeste Satter, Bill Langer, Harold Yorke, Kevin Huffenberger, Dominic Benford, and Dan Lester, “CALISTO: the Cryogenic Aperture Large Infrared Space Telescope Observatory”, Proc. SPIE 7010, August 2008.

Hamlin, Louise; Belz, Andrea; Evans, Michael; Kastner, Jason; Satter, Celeste; Spry, Andy, “Design tools for cost-effective implementation of planetary protection requirements”, AIAA Space 2007 Conference and Exposition, 18-20 Sep. 2007, Long Beach, CA, USA

Goldsmith, P. F.; Bradford, C. M.; Dragovan, M.; Khayatian, B.; Huffenberger, K.; O'Dwyer, I. J.; Górski, K.; Yorke, H. W.; Zmuidzinas, J.; Paine, C.; Satter, C.; Lee, R., “CALISTO: a cryogenic far-infrared/submillimeter observatory”, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 6687,  Sept. 2007.

S. Infeld, R. Baron, A. Gerber, F. Rogez, A. Loverro, J. Huang, C. Satter, “NGOESS and the Future of Earth Science Observation Systems”, AIAA 2007-6087, AIAA SPACE 2007 Conference & Exposition, September 2007, Long Beach, California

Abelson, R. D.; Balint, T. S.; Noravian, H.; Randolph, J. E.; Satter, C.; Schmidt, G. R.; Shirley, J. H., “Enabling Solar System Exploration with Small Radioisotope Power Systems”, American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2005, 12/2005

Abelson, Robert D., Satter, Celeste M., “Deployable mini-payload missions enabled by small Radioisotope Power Systems (RPSs)”, Space Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF) Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 2005. 

Satter, Celeste M., “JIMO follow on mission studies”, Space Technology and Application International Forum (STAIF 2006), Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 2005.

Benford, G., Benford, J., Satter, C., Fitzgerald, N., “A technology validation mission to demonstrate acceleration of sails by thermal desorption of coatings”, Space Technology and Applications International Forum 2002, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Satter, Celeste M. and Steven E. Matousek, "The Promises of Nanotechnology:  Will They Be Kept?," presented at the 6th International Space University Annual International Symposium, 21-23 May 2001, Strasbourg, France.

Satter, C.M., and R.E. Freeland,"Inflatable Structures Technology Applications and Requirements," AIAA 95-3737, presented at AIAA Space Programs and Technologies Conference, Huntsville, AL, Sept. 26-28, 1995.

Wilson, W.J., Ruf, C.S., Satter, C.M., and Y. Rahmat-Samii,"Design of a Geostationary Microwave Precipitation Radiometer," presented at IEEE MTT Symposium, Boston, MA, 6/91.  (An updated version was also presented at the Specialists Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing, January 1992, Boulder, CO).

Satter, C.M., and M.C. Lou, "Structural Design of the Large Deployable Reflector (LDR)," presented at the SPIE Conference on Space Astronomical Instruments, Orlando, FL, 4/3/91.

Satter, C.M., "Ground-Based Testing of Precision Segmented Reflectors:  PSR in the Ground Test Environment," presented at SPIE Conference on Active Telescope Systems, Orlando, FL, 3/31/89.

Satter, C.M. and M.C. Lou, "Structures Technologies for the Precision Segmented Reflector (PSR)," presented at SPIE Conference on Active Telescope Systems, Orlando, FL, 3/31/89.

Laskin, R. A., Estus, J.M., Lin, Y.-H., Spanos, J.T., and C.M. Satter, "NASA Office of Space Science and Applications Study on Space Station Attached Payload Pointing," AIAA Conference on Decision and Control, 1988.

Sevaston, G.E., Schier, J.A., Iskenderian, T.C., Lin, Y.-H., Satter, C.M., and D.H. Lehman, "A Precision Pointing System for Space Telescope Class Optical Trackers," 1988.



Bock, James et al., “Study of the Experimental Probe of Inflationary Cosmology (EPIC)-Intemediate Mission for NASA's Einstein Inflation Probe”, June 2009

Satter, C. (editor) et al., "JIMO Follow-On Mission Studies, Neptune/Triton Mission," September 2004.

Satter, C. (editor) et al., "JIMO Follow-On Mission Studies, Saturn/Titan Mission," July 9, 2004.

Robert D. Abelson (Editor) et al., "Enabling Exploration with Small Radioisotope Power Systems," July 2004.

Tenney, D. and C. Satter (editors), “NASA Nanotube Technology Roadmap," August 2000.

Satter, C.M., et al., "Second Generation Microspacecraft Upper Stage (Final Report)," JPL Center for Space Microelectronics Technology, December 30, 1994.

Schumaker, B., et al., "The POINTS Instrument for TOPS:  1991 Progress Report," (Revised November 12, 1991).

Freeland, R. and C. Satter, "Space Antenna Technology for Personal Access Satellite System (PASS)," JPL D-8490, August 1991 (Restricted Distribution).

"Geostationary Microwave Precipitation Radiometer, Phase A Study Report," JPL D-8136, (Revised January 1991).

Satter, C.M., "Large Deployable Reflector (LDR) Structural Design Studies," JPL D-7686, July 1990.

Laskin, R., J. Spanos, C. Satter, L. Needels, A. Hines, "Space Science/ Space Station Attached Payload Pointing Accommodation Study -- Pointing System Performance Analysis White Paper," JPL D-5249, January 1988.

"Tracker Orientation for Precision Systems (TOPS) Pointing System Design Study," NASA JPL D-5064, 30 Dec. 1987.


Contributed to:

Collins, D. et al., “Multi-Mission Adjunct Microspacecraft”, JPL D-16704-B, October 2000.

Sercel, J. and D. Rapp (editors), "Power Antenna Technology:  A Bold New Approach to Exploration of the Outer Solar System," JPL, August 1994.

Hellings, R. et al., "Mission Concept Study for SAGITTARIUS: A Spaceborne Astronomical Gravity-Wave Interferometer," JPL Engineering Memorandum 314-569, September 1993.

Estus, J. et al., "Pointing Accommodation for Lightweight Space Station Payloads, Preliminary Design Study (Final Report)," JPL D-5284, March 1988.